Hesburgh Library Concourse Exhibit Guidelines

Scheduling an Exhibit

The Exhibits Coordinator is responsible for scheduling exhibits and coordinating their subsequent presentation.  All requests are made by submitting an Exhibit Request Form.

The Hesburgh Library seeks a diversity of exhibits that reflect the curriculum and collections of the University. For that reason, the Exhibits Coordinator will generally schedule exhibits no more than one year in advance.  Exhibiting groups may curate only one exhibit per academic year during the fall and springs semesters.

While the Coordinator will make every effort to honor scheduling commitments, the Library reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, curtail, or cancel an exhibit.


Exhibitors are responsible for creating the exhibits and for providing high-quality, exhibit-ready content. Content should be accurate, based on authoritative sources, and documented with bibliographic citations. Written materials should provide context and background appropriate for a general audience and create a cohesive narrative for the exhibit. 

Topics for exhibits will be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.  Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

Responsibility for review of written materials prepared for exhibits rests with the Exhibits Coordinator in consultation with the Associate Director of User Services and should be submitted no later than one week before the exhibit is scheduled to be installed.

The Exhibits Coordinator retains right of refusal and is not obligated to accept every exhibit offered for display.  Furthermore, an exhibit may be cancelled if it is not exhibit-ready or at any other stage if the exhibitors have not met the agreed upon conditions and deadlines.  The Associate Director of User Services has final discretion on the selection and content of exhibits.

Description for the Hesburgh Libraries Website

Exhibitors must provide a brief 1-2 paragraph statement that should provide context and background appropriate for a general audience and creates a cohesive narrative of the exhibit.  This statement should be provided for review to the Exhibits Coordinator no later than one week before the exhibit is scheduled to be installed.

Materials and Costs

Exhibitors are responsible for providing all materials and their costs.

Displaying Items Not Owned by the University

If items not belonging to the University are included in an exhibit, the exhibitor must sign a waiver before installing the exhibit.  Please contact the Exhibits Coordinator if you will be displaying property not belonging to the University of Notre Dame.

Installation and Removal

All assembly, mounting and dismantling must be conducted by the exhibitors.  Exhibit materials must be removed by the agreed upon termination date. The Hesburgh Libraries does not assume liability for exhibit materials after this time.

Aesthetic Considerations

Exhibitors should think about filling the entire case and using a variety of materials (including three-dimensional objects), keeping in mind how the information flows throughout the space.  Text should be presented in large fonts of varying sizes, generally a minimum of 16, 18, and 22.

Case Dimensions

Large Cases: 9'w x 8'h x 2'6"d
Wall-Mounted Cases: 10'6"w x 5'h x 18"d