Hesburgh Libraries At-a-Glance

Notre Dame University

The University of Notre Dame provides a distinctive voice in higher education that is at once rigorously intellectual, unapologetically moral in orientation, and firmly embracing of a service ethos. The University of Notre Dame is a highly selective national Catholic teaching and research university in northern Indiana about ninety miles from Chicago. Approximately 8,200 undergraduates and 3,100 graduate students pursue a broad range of studies. For more information about the University of Notre Dame, please visit the University of Notre Dame homepage at http://nd.edu/

Hesburgh Libraries

The Hesburgh Libraries hold about 3 million volumes and provide access to more than 23,000 serials. The Libraries have 140 staff and 55 librarians. The Libraries are a member of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI), ARL, NERL and other consortia. The University of Notre Dame is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer strongly committed to diversity. We value qualified candidates who can bring a variety of backgrounds to our community. More information about the Hesburgh Libraries can be found on the About the Libraries page at http://library.nd.edu/about/index.shtml.

Libraries Strategic Planning:

Academic libraries today operate within a dynamic and demanding environment that has spurred them to reexamine their fundamental purpose and function. Libraries are no longer defined solely as physical spaces but have also become virtual environments that facilitate new kinds of collaboration and research, and are continually refining their operations, organizational structure, and faculty and staff skills. Thus it is not surprising that over the last few years most of the AAU privates have asked their libraries to develop strategic plans that analyze and respond to these challenges.

In response to the call for strategic planning from the Office of the Provost, the Hesburgh Libraries distilled five strategic themes that will enable us to move forward the University of Notre Dame’s goals:

  • Advance Scholarship and Research
  • Enrich Educational Experience and Intellectual Growth
  • Heighten the Value and Impact of the Libraries by Developing Digital Programs and Services
  • Transform Library Spaces
  • Create a Sustainable Culture of Continuous Improvement and Service Excellence in Support of the University’s Mission

New Organizational Design:

In response to our strategic planning efforts, the Hesburgh Libraries began to think differently about the organizational structure in January 2012. A team of Hesburgh Library employees led by the University Librarian compiled articles, data, notes from outside interviews and internal listening sessions and created a new organization chart that will more closely align our personnel with the Libraries’ and the University’s strategic goals. The new organization chart is in draft form as we expect that the newly formed Cabinet which will include the University Librarian, two Associate University Librarians and six Program Directors, will decide together the next phase of our new organizational design.