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  • Current Periodicals are located on the second floor of the Hesburgh Library, and at the various specialty branches across campus. The collection consists of unbound issues of scholarly journals, popular magazines, periodicals, and newspapers. Older issues can be found as either bound issues in the stacks; or in some cases may be found only online or in microform.

    You can find the location of a title by checking the library catalog.

    Unbound journals and newspapers are restricted to in-building use. Photocopiers and scanners are located throughout the Library.

  • eJournal Locator

    Find electronic versions of journals, magazines and newspapers available to the Notre Dame Community. Non-Notre Dame researchers and alumni can access our electronic journals in-house only.
  • eArticles Quicksearch

    If you just need a few articles, try the multidisciplinary database.

    If you don’t find what you need, or know more specifically what you are looking for, try doing a QuickSearch in your subject area (Africana Studies, for example) or check our full list of databases (Databases A-Z).

    If you need help, visit our online help and guides for assistance or Ask a Librarian.

  • Can periodicals, journals, or magazines be taken out of the library?

    Current Periodicals are restricted to in-building use. Requests to allow items to leave the building should be directed to the Service Desk, who may grant permission on a case by case basis. It is possible to photocopy items in the Library either at a photocopier or by scan to email.

    Where are bound journals kept?

    Bound volumes of journals are shelved by their specific call number location in the regular stacks. To locate a specific bound journal it is necessary to obtain its call number from the catalog.

    How do I access newspapers online?

    Visit the library homepage [], on the Search & Find menu, scroll down to Newspapers.

    What does status "Bind Prep" or "Sent to the Bindery" mean?

    A status "Bind Prep" message means that the volume is available. These items are available please visit the service desk for assistance. A status "To Bind" message means that the volume is currently unavailable. These items become available again in approximately 5 weeks from the date they were sent to the bindery. Talk to a staff person to get more information on when the item will be available again.

    Why aren't many U.S. daily newspapers available on the day they are published?

    Some major U.S. newspapers are not distributed to the library directly. Instead they are received through the U.S. mail. This takes aproximately 3-5 days. Foreign newspapers may take 2-3 weeks to be received.

  • Service Desk Hours
    Fall and Spring Semesters

    Monday-Thursday: 8am to 12am
    Friday: 8am to 6pm
    Saturday: 12pm to 5pm
    Sunday: 12pm to 12am

    Summer Semester (June-July)
    Monday-Thursday: 8am to 5pm
    Friday: 8am to 5pm
    Saturday: CLOSED
    Sunday: CLOSED

    Please stop by the first floor service desk for assistance after hours. First floor service desk has extended hours.

    Current library hours
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    Tracey Morton, Manager Frontline Services