Bulletin Board Policy

Recognized student groups (clubs, organizations and residence facili­ties) may use University bulletin boards to announce activities and to advertise. All student group material must receive a stamp from the Student Activities Office indicating the group is registered.

University departments are not required to have a stamp to advertise on campus. Individuals, including students, may not adver­tise on University bulletin boards. Students interested in advertising items for sale may use the classified channel on Inside ND.

All signs and posters placed on any University bulletin boards must not exceed 17" x 23" and must reflect good taste. All signs and posters must clearly indicate the sponsoring group. Signs are to be posted only on bulletin boards and are not to be attached to trees, posts, sidewalks, or the interior or exterior walls of buildings, includ­ing stairways and doors. The advertising of alcohol by student groups is prohibited on campus. Signs and posters not in compliance with these requirements will be removed. Student groups in violation of this policy may lose their posting privileges. These directives do not apply to the interior of residence hall rooms.

Non­-University for-­profit businesses are not permitted to use University bulletin boards for promotion of products or services. Businesses may advertise in The Observer and Scholastic.

Requests by student groups to have table tents, banners or infor­mation tables on campus (LaFortune Student Center, Huddle, Dining Halls, etc.) must be processed through the Student Activities Office.

Advertising for events involving the use of alcohol, which directly or indirectly refers to alcoholic beverages in any form, may not be posted or distributed on any University property, including bulletin boards, residence facilities, academic buildings, trees, posts or other property on University grounds.

Print, electronic and broadcast media funded in full or in part by the University, by University­solicited funds or bearing University sponsorship by use of its name, may not contain advertisements promoting alcohol or events that have alcohol as their focus.

University Advertising Policy